Noni Juice & PET Plastic Bottles

Ok this is an argument for those noni juice sellers who are trying to find a marketing angle for their product obviously packaged in glass. They have higher shipping cost, higher production costs which as a result the final product costs more. Surely they must find a way to make their lower quality product seem better. So the statement “noni juice reacts with PET plastic bottles” was born. Is noni juice not a fruit juice? Is is some sort of harsh acidic compound that melts plastic? If that were the case I/we would not be drinking it.

So is the following also true? “Noni juice reacts with plastic but is fine to put in your stomach”?

The above statement is COMPLETELY FALSE!!!!

Having been in the business for over 12 years I have never seen nor found any evidence to suggest that noni juice reacts with PET plastic. We have noni juice in bottles (kept as samples) from 2002 and this has not altered the composition of the juice nor the plastic PET bottle its packed in.

DO not be fooled, if a seller is stating that noni juice reacts with PET plastic in an effort to sell you a glass bottle of over priced noni juice please ask them to show you supporting evidence to back their claims. If they can’t (which i know will be the case) give me a call and we’ll sort you out with a bottle of the finest noni juice available.


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