Fiji Floods April 1st 2012 – Day 3

Well it is still raining, Nadi received 100mm of rain this morning. Thank goodness we are blessed to be one of the lucky ones, dry safe and with fried chicken on the stove.

All flights are cancelled and the Nadi Airport runway looks like a swimming pool

Nadi Airport Runway Day 3

Nadi Airport Runway Day 3

It seem the worst is not over brace yourself people – Below is the latest satellite imagery from 3pm 1/4/2012

Latest Satellite Image as of 3pm - 1st April 2012 - day 3

The last thing Fiji needs is a cyclone, if you are not able to donate shoot up a prayer for those who are currently without dry clothes, shelter and a hot meal.

As the water recedes in Ba, we can be sure to expect more heavy rain. Be Safe people.

Ba Town Day 3

Ba Town Day 3 - Water residing before they are hit yet again.

Nadi Flood Video Drivethru


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