Health Benefits of Noni Juice

Having used the product myself for roughly 10 years i’m in a perfect position to advise and speak on the benefits or such a product. I’ve used the product since i was 22yrs old, during which time I have:

  •  Applied the noni juice to surface injuries
  •  Used it as an anti-inflammatory for sore throats, tooth aches burns etc.
  •  Used the noni juice on my pets which relieved a puppy of mange symptoms.
  •  Even used it to prolong my alcohol binge drinking sprees in my younger days – not a good idea being the only one left standing while your mates are passed out around you.

I’ve been contacted by a woman in QLD who had a hip replacement and swore she was unable to walk or even move properly without Royal Noni Fiji 100% Noni Juice, “tried other brands” but preferred ours (I wonder why???).

More recently a customer from NSW explains how his wife was bed ridden in pain with some form of gastro intestinal disorder, before using our noni juice and being relieved in a matter of hours.

Bottom line is that some how some way this stuff works miracles – I know cliche right.

Here is some interesting noni information that is definitely worth the read…



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