Fiji Floods March 2012 Donations

Noni Australia is setting up this page to request donations for those families in need.
Thousands of people in Fiji have now lost everything and we would like to do what we can by accepting donations of any amount from anywhere int he world.

Please share this link for those you know who are blessed to have surplus and are able to give:

Donations will go towards affected families who need the basics:
School Books, educational needs etc

Once flood water resides we will personally distribute what ever we can to those who need it the most.

Over the next few days the resilience of the Fijian people will be tested, they have shown they are able to overcome any disaster that the country is faced with, and we would like to ask for your support.
Whether it be $0.20 or $20.00 every bit helps.

Please contact us should you require any further information at
We will publish the names and countries of everyone who donates on our blog, facebook page, Noni Australia website, and to the media.

Thank you in advance

Photos courtesy of Mai Life Magazine and the Fiji Ministry of Information


4 Responses to Fiji Floods March 2012 Donations

  1. anish says:

    how will knows its true n money going to fiji

    • Good point, I’ll publish the names and country of anyone who decides to donate on our facebook page: and send all info to the Fiji Times.
      Seeing as your in Fiji it would be easier for you to just make a deposit to the Fiji Red Cross Society.

      BTW we will be in Fiji until our country is back to normal. so you can call me on +679 9246573 if you have any questions.

  2. Ashwin s says:

    How can people donate from the states? And where will our donations go toward?

    • Simply click on the paypal donate button and follow the prompts from there.
      What we did in the 2009 floods was collect food stuff from outside MH Namaka and from family and friends which we took directly to affected families. These families were nominated by a church in Nadi who were thought to be the worst affected.
      This is what we will be doing over the next few weeks as soon as the clean up starts. Right now most places are still inaccessible, and we are not certain the worst of it is over.
      Will keep updating the blog to show progress once we are able to get started.
      Hope this helps.

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